About me

I am currently a computer science master's student at Northeastern University.

My passion lies in Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, particularly related to assistive technology. My goal is to continue to work on human behavior and develop computation tools to improve people's quality of life.

I am currently looking for a research assistant opportunity.

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Master - Computer Science

Sep 2021 - 2024 (Expected)
Northeastern University

Bachelor -  Managerial Economics

Sep 2013 - May 2017
University of Massachusetts Amherst


Impact of Game Fidelity on Player Empathy In Gaminiscing Games
J. Cox*, S. Chan*, B. Lyman, A. Ebrahimi and B. De Schutter

Work in Progress

Analyzing the Dynamics of Verbal and Non-Verbal Behaviors in Cooking Interactions with LLM-Based Voice Assistants
S. Chan
, S. Fu, J. Li, B. Yao, M. Prpa and D. Wang

Work in Progress

"Mango Mango, How to Let The Lettuce Dry Without A Spinner?'':
Exploring User Perceptions of Using An LLM-Based Conversational Assistant Toward Cooking Partner
S. Chan*, J. Li*, B. Yao, A. Mahmood, C. Huang, H. Jimison, E. D. Mynatt, D. Wang

Under Submission - Peer Reviewed

Cardistry: The Application of Artificial Intelligence to Create Personalized Playing Cards
B. Lyman, J. Cox, A. Ebrahimi, S. Chan, C. Barney and B. De Schutter

FDG 2024


Brukel vs Brukel : Impact of Game Fidelity on Player Experience In Gaminiscing Games
S. Chan,
J. Cox, A. Ebrahimi, B. Lyman and B. De Schutter

IEEE Conference on Games 2023

Catch The Butterfly: Using Gaminiscing to Design a Serious Game about Immigrants
A. Ebrahimi, B. Lyman, J. Cox, S. Chan and B. De Schutter

IEEE Conference on Games 2023

Catch The Butterfly: A Gaminiscing Game about Immigration
A. Ebrahimi, B. Lyman, J. Cox, S. Chan and B. De Schutter

IEEE Conference on Games 2023
Research Experience

Northeastern University Human-Centered AI Lab

Apr 2023 – Present |  Advisor: Prof. Dakuo Wang

- Leading a research project exploring people’s successful and unsatisfactory experiences while receiving assistance from a Large Language Model-based (LLM) voice assistant in the cooking scenario.

Northeastern University Storytelling Through Experimental Gameplay (S.T.E.G) Lab

Aug 2022 - Present | Advisor: Prof. Bob de Schutter

- Leading a research project investigating the impact of game audiovisual fidelity on player experience and empathy in a Gaminiscing game, Brukle.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sep 2016 - May 2017 | Advisor: Prof. Nathalie Lavoie

- Assisted professor’s research on the impact of FDA’s updated nutrition-facts labeling rule by conducting a comparative study of 117 restaurant chains affected by such rule and other restaurant chains unaffected

Professional Experience

Software Engineer Intern | Kohl's

Jun 2023 – Aug 2023 |  Kohl's App

- Assisted in migrating Kohl's App customer profile section from hybrid to native Android version, supporting full app migration.
- Utilized MVVM architecture (Kotlin and Jetpack Compose) for optimal performance and maintainability.
- Contributed to UI/UX design and architecture discussions in Figma, enhancing user experience and refining the framework.
- Integrated REST APIs for seamless server data retrieval and display, optimizing efficiency.
- Implemented activities and fragments for app screens and interactions.
- Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams (designers, product managers, backend developers) for high-quality feature delivery.

Software Development Coop | MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Jan 2023 – May 2023 |  Post Mission Analysis System  

- Developed a non-GUI application in C++ for visualizing post-mission raw data in image form.
- Contributed to an existing GUI application by adding new functions in C++ to improve the existing system.
- Collaborated with the team to conduct testing and ensure proper functionality.

Software Engineer Intern | Cerevel Therapeutics

Feb 2022 - Apr 2022 | Clinical Trial Management System Browser (R Shiny Web Application)

- Analyzed data derived from CTMS to create key metrics for characterizing and evaluating clinical trial site performance.
- Built dynamic interface with Map API for clinical site selecting and showed relative key metrics and performance.
- Built interactive scorecards incorporated ggplot and Ploty for each clinical site to showcase patient performance.
- Developed and implemented the R Shiny browser application for internal users to access patient clinical trial metadata.
- Designed and developed data model from scratch for ingesting input clinical trial and site data into R data structures

Category Leadership Associate, Category Manager | Advantage Solutions

Jul 2017 - Sep 2021

- Engages solid working connections with retailers and manufacturers.
- Identify opportunities and provide Category Management services, including category reviews, pricing analysis, shopper & geodemographic insight, and shelf & product assortment recommendations for 32 clients to grow in the East Central area.
- Prepare and deliver insight-driven "storytelling" presentations to clients and senior leaders with actionable tactics and strategies.
- Develop training materials about "storytelling" presentations for the northeast sales team and enhance their capacities in communication and public speaking.
- Assist clients in preparing presented new distributions without item deletion and track promotion results through reviewing ROI.